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I believe that our choices—the clothing we wear, the interiors we inhabit, the meals we eat, the books we read, and the animals we love— have the ability to transform our lives into something richer, fuller and more complete. This belief lies at the heart of our mission at Castor & Pollux, which encourages our customers to lead their most exceptionally beautiful and inspired lives.


The choices that I’ve made over the course of my life have transformed me into who I am today. My Oregon roots translate into a casualness that I find comforting. My current home, New York, inspires me daily with creative impulses that push me to the next level. After moving here to pursue a career in design and hungrily learning about food and entertaining, I realized that my diverse pursuits and energy needed a home that could represent the broad scope of what I believe design and living are about... and so Castor & Pollux was born.


All the inspiration for Castor & Pollux stems from my upbringing and my original role models. My Aunt Maggie embodied a chicness and formality that I found intimidating yet enormously intriguing. My Mom was just as chic yet in a more casual and relaxed way. I always refer to both ladies when trying to formulate the Castor & Pollux concept. My goal is to perfectly encapsulate the two ideals: chic yet cozy and beautiful yet slightly “off”.  By incorporating the duality rooted in the old myth of Castor & Pollux, my own collection spans the highs and lows, the casual yet refined. Castor & Pollux design today includes my chic Aunt Maggie’s bracelets, gorgeous leather handbags, perfect wallets, and delicious candles, and there is so much more to come.


For ten years, I have edited and honed the collections we offer to provide women with pieces that make their lives easier and yet more elegant. Considered and beautiful design is an important part of our day-to-day life. It has the ability to deliver comfort and ease, while solving problems in a beautiful way. Holidays, family gatherings, and dinner parties with friends warrant feeling your best and happiest. And feeling your best should be easy. We love being a part of this process. It’s what makes coming to work so enjoyable and fulfilling. There is great satisfaction in offering pieces that endure, that are on trend, but not trend driven, and can be loved through all stages of life.


I am so excited to present our on-line store to you. For those who can’t make it to New York, we will share our day-to-day experiences through our daily blog postings that celebrate the five senses: see, touch, listen, smell and taste.  Of course, it won’t be exactly the same as visiting which more often than not includes dogs running around and friends chatting, while happily devouring something delicious sitting on the front counter. So when you are in the West Village please do come and visit. Spend some time with us —play dress-up, get to know the other customers, cuddle with a dog—we want our home to feel like yours.